First Step : Sign Up

Sign Up : you are requested to get an account in our services before you start  to collect points in order for us to identify you and provide you with your preferred prize.

collect points

Second Step - Login & Collect Points

After you log on, go to the "Point Center", you will find its link on the main menu, then follow the instruction for collecting points as it will be indicated on the point center page.

claim your prize

Third Step - Get Your Prize

After you collect the proper amount of point for your prize, directly go to the redeem prizes page and redeem your credits amount from the available options there.

referal links brings you more points

Moreover - Refer Friends to earn more

You will be gain extra 30% of your friends earned points! Click the "Refer friends" on the main menu and get your own referral link, you can use this links to refer friends via Facebook, twitter, forums, Youtube, and any other social channels and networks.